Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mr. Pete's Spiced Muffins

I am not one to create my own recipes from scratch. In fact, I do not even consider myself creative. I tend to follow the traditional recipes veering only as necessary, which normally consists of adding Mr. Pete's spices for good flavors. However, I have been inspired by my fellow bloggers to do just that.

My day is always very hectic, so I normally visit the grocery store on a daily basis for dinner. Never sure of what will be served that night, I peruse the meat department always looking for something different. One day last week, I just couldn't find anything appetizing. Knowing that I had a beef chuck roast from the previous night in the refrigerator, I contemplated serving leftovers even though I know that Mr. Pete is not so keen on this idea. So I started thinking, what can I do with the roast besides roast beef. I just knew there had to be an answer. I continued searching the internet finding so many different recipes for muffins. Then it hit me!

1 lb. Precooked Beef Chuck Roast
1 8 oz. can of dough (You can make your own, or use the Pillsbury cresent rolls for easy preparation!)
2 tspns. Mr. Pete's Cajun Seasoning


Begin by folding your dough several times and roll a square shape. Make sure to generously use some all-purpose flour to keep the dough from sticking to your hands and kitchen utensils. Continue folding and rolling it out as often as needed until the dough is smooth. One can yields 6 muffins.

Place the rolled out dough into a non-stick muffin pan, and spoon your roast in the dough cups.

Fold the dough over the meat and vegetables pinching together the ends to secure your filling inside of the muffins. Sprinkle Mr. Pete's Cajun Seasoning over the muffins.

I placed the muffins in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes on the center rack, since the roast was already cooked; but the dough needed additional cooking. So for the last 15 minutes, I increased the temperature to 375 degrees. Here were the results! A wonderful, freshly baked Spiced Muffin!

This was so easy, and I love E-A-S-Y! I defrosted some white beans we had previously cooked and froze for a wonderful side dish, which was also very easy! It's also a plus that my family loved them! We hope yours will too! Enjoy!

~Mrs. Pete

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is there a such thing as too much Chocolate?

Yesterday, I made a casual trip to the grocery store to pick up a few items for supper. But before leaving, I asked my six-year old if he wanted to come with me. Of course he said yes and hurriedly put on his shoes and grabbed a Hotwheel car, as he always does.

As we arrived, he threw a hissy fit, because I would not let him ride in the car buggy. You've seen those carts with the car on the front end for the children to ride. They are so big and bulky; and each time I try to turn down a new isle, I hit the side of the grocery shelf knocking over several items that I have to pick up. Once you do that several times, it begins to frustrate you. It's bad enough that when you are making a grocery bill, the buggy gets heavy. It's even worse when you get a cart that has wheels that don't turn. So you can understand my reasoning for not wanting to choose that buggy.

So, instead, I bribed my child! Yes! All parents do it, right? lol I explained to my son that if he was mild mannered in the store, I would let him choose a candy before checking out. Well, needless to say, he was very good and got more than just a candy. lol As I gathered my necessities, my son asked what we were making for dessert. He knows that he and his father always have a night time snack together. I really wasn't planning a dessert for last night. All I had on mind was dinner. So, I asked him what he would like. To my reply, he yelled "Pie!" For real! It seemed everyone in the store stopped what they were doing to focus on my little boy. I "shushed" him, and told him to use his inside voice. Then, I asked him what kind of pie he would like. I am not a baker, and especially not a great pie maker, but I could not turn down my child's pleas to make a special pie. He told me he wanted to pick out the ingredients, or in his words, "Mommy, can I pick out what I want to put in it?" He wanted to actually help in preparing this dessert for his daddy. How sweet?!

I took him to the baking isle, and told him we must first choose a crust. Because I am not much of a baker, we picked out an already made crust. Then my son got an idea! "Mom, how about we make a chocolate pie!" He was so excited! I could hear it in his voice; which then got me excited! As we browsed the isles, he would come upon something that he wanted in the pie, and would throw it in the buggy. He was having so much fun with it, I couldn't break his little heart by saying no. Then, we got to the checkout counter. Low and behold, he began putting all things chocolate on the counter. This is how it went!

Begin with a Chocolate Pie Crust...

Then add chocolate brownies...

Next, add chocolate pudding...

Then, add chocolate chips...

Finally, sprinkle crushed oreo cookies on top, line pie with chocolate whipped cream, and top with a chocolate covered cherry!

So, back to my original question. Is there a such thing as too much Chocolate? Not when it makes my sweet little boy happy! We hope you all enjoyed our Chocolate fun dessert! We sure had fun making it, and that's all that matters!

Chocolate Cheers!
~Mrs. Pete