Monday, February 20, 2012

Drive-Thru Daiquiri Shops... Only in Louisiana!

Yes people! Louisiana is known for the food, the people, the culture, and the partying! During Mardi Gras, it is definitely no different!

As I drive through the familiar streets of Houma, LA, I see remnants of throws left behind from parade-goers. However, when you are traveling these same roads prior to the parade's start, you'll notice the vehicles lining the streets, crowds of people gathering together, many barbeque pits lit or boilers fired up, lots of kids running around, loud music playing... And there's one thing in common mostly. Alcohol!

Us Louisianians know how to have a good time! That's no secret! Sometimes, those good times involve alcohol; and Louisiana is just the place to be when you feel the need for a little liquor in your blood! All you have to do is find the local drive-thru. That's right! Just about every town in Louisiana has at least one. Houma has four that I personally know of, not including the surrounding area locations.

Whether you want a beer or jello shots, or feel like a cup of Jack Daniels or Crown Royal, you can order anything right from a window. While socializing with friends and enjoying this great celebration, I like to sip on an ice cold daiquiri! This year instead of walking back and forth to the daiquiri shop, becauses I prefer not to drink and drive, I have decided to make my own fresh frozen daiquiris and save a couple bucks doing so! I thought I would share with all of our Mardi Gras friends as well as our friends who like to enjoy a cocktail from time to time this great recipe I am using this season!

Fresh Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris

Ingredients: 4 fresh strawberries, sliced
                   1/2 oz. strawberry schnapps
                   1 oz. lime juice
                   1 tsp. powdered sugar
                   2 oz. preferred Rum, I used Bicardi for the flavor
                   4-6 ice cubes
                   whipped cream in the can
                   1 cherry for garnish, or use1 strawberry slice

Directions: Combine all ingredients, except the whipped cream and the cherry or strawberry slice, into a blender and blend. Pour into a cocktail glass and top with whipped cream and cherry or strawberry slice. This is so easy, you can whip up a drink for your friends in no time just before the parade rolls or when you are relaxing by the pool this summer!

The kids just love feeling like the grown-ups too! Use the same recipe, just eliminate the liquor, to enjoy a nice refreshing Virgin Daiquiri! While you are at it, visit your local grocery and pick you up some of Mr. Pete's Cajun Spices to spice up your favorite Mardi Gras meals! We hope you all enjoy a safe and Happy Mardi Gras! Get Hooked On It!!!


  1. Strawberry Daquiris are one of my favourite drinks. Looks YUM!!

    1. Thanks Cindy! They were so refreshing! Sending you a virtual glass for the weekend! Have a great one!