Friday, February 24, 2012

Mardi Gras 2012

Well, we survived another Mardi Gras! We had an absolutely fabulous time and are excited to share with you our experience at the Houmas parade!

***Warning! There will be a lot of photos that captured these events. :)

As always, there was wonderful food!

What better Cajun cuisine to enjoy than our traditional boiled crawfish!


Then, there were your festive parade-goers!
Yes! She is wearing a shower curtain, and him a Bud Light cardboard box as a hat! lol
Who can forget the king?!

The floats were creative as well, honoring our military and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

Now, how about them float riders! They were feeling the parties in the streets!

Next up were the bands! And man, did they perform?!

Check out those tuba covers! They are now required to be protected from the beads, since they have had issues with people throwing them into the instrucments.
Another form of entertainment we look forward to every year is the Selucrey's! They are a group of men who "get down" to loud music blaring from their infamous rides! Check out these cool cats!

Of course there is always something that ruins a good time! Luckily for these guys, us Cajuns are known for our Southern Hospitality! They needed help, and we jumped right in!

Okay, now Back To The Future! lol

More music was enjoyed thanks to these guys!

Which finally leads us to our "Dirty Mardi Gras Trade & Giveaway"! I know what all of you are probably thinking! None of you seen any dirty bead photos, huh? Well, that's because we did not receive any entries in our contest. Bummer! But that doesn't mean that we are off the hook!

We caught many "dirty" beads, some of them in twos! That means we can share! The lucky person who wins this contest, unbenounced to her, is our friend Jenni, The Pastry Chef Online! We can't thank her enough for her support and for sharing this event with her fans! For that, we would like to provide her with some "Dirty Beads" we have personally caught this Mardi Gras Season 2012! In addition, we'll be shipping her some samples of our spices! You just never know when Mr. Pete will throw a curveball! He is certainly unpredictable!

We enjoyed a fabulous Mardi Gras season! If you were not able to participate in this joyous holiday, we hope that you enjoyed the photos we shared!


  1. Looks like so much fun!!! I've never been to a Mardi Gras celebration--craziness and awesomeness! Shower curtains for everyone! :) (From @Pastry Chef Online)

  2. Wow--it really was unbeknownst to me, guys!! I read the post up until the last paragraph; I was distracted by the big photo of Taylor Swift on the side of the radio station van! lol

    I'm so excited to receive some Dirty Beads as well as some spice samples! Yay!!

    I am always happy to help support and promote great folks, so beads are completely unnecessary. But welcome, indeed!! Thanks again:)

    1. We appreciate our friends who support our ventures! Although we expected more participation, we are thankful that you thought about us and shared our event with your friends! We were excited to be able to carry out this event, and consider it a success either way. Be on the lookout for your gifts to arrive in the mail! Watch out! You'll Get Hooked On It!!! :)