Friday, February 10, 2012


As some of you may know, I am the other half of Mr. Pete, or the better half as I like to say. lol All jokes aside, I am the person behind the scenes bringing to you the authentic Cajun flavors of Mr. Pete!

Here we are, Mr. Pete and I, celebrating one of our customer's 25th Anniversary!

My father-in-law is the "original" Mr. Pete. He began creating his own blends of spices many moons ago in his restaurants. Some of you may be familiar with Miss Brandie's Seafood Restaurant in Houma, LA. If you are not, it was a well-known restaurant delivering the finest most authentic Cajun dishes for the locals to enjoy. Since its untimely demise by fire, Mr. Pete knew he still wanted to offer his same great blends to his customers and his friends. So he and my husband began mixing! In 2006, my father in law opened the business. For the six years my fil ran the business, he was able to grow his market and offer his product line at many of the local markets.

Cory and his Dad (the "original Mr. Pete) cooking a Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya with Fried Catfish! Yum!

My husband and I were approached by him in July of last year (2011) to take over the business, as his time would not allow for this great feat. We were thrilled with his faith in our abilities to continue to offer his blends to the people. And so began our journey...

We immeditately began talking to everyone who would listen about these products. We participated in many local charity events, ran articles in local newpapers, and offered promotions on our products. We have also begun demonstrating the products in various supermarkets. After all, we believe that once you try it, you'll Get Hooked On It!!!

We managed to grow our market to include more locations in Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi! We are also very excited about our newest client, who will be offering our products from Texas to Florida! We are extremely  proud of our products, and we are adding new ones each coming day! You can find all of our products for purchase here.


We have entered the world of social media to share, not only our authentic southern seasonings, but also our Cajun cuisine. We offer you traditional Cajun recipes and delicious chats. So come in, have a seat at our table, and let us show you what we're cooking in our Cajun kitchen! If you do try any of our products and/or dishes, please let us know! We love feedback from our customers and our friends!

Each day brings new and exciting ventures for us, and we are excited to share with you our  progress and success!

So, now that you know a little more about our family operation, feel free to ask any questions and post any comments. Also, please bare with us while we go through this new blogging adventure! lol

Thanks for joining us!

Shantell & Cory Neil
aka. Mr. & Mrs. Pete


  1. So excited you finally have a blog up!!! You have a follower here!!!<3

  2. Hi!!! Glad to see you have a blog. I joined your site. This is Debz Delicious Meals. Drop by my blog sometime!

  3. Way to go Mr. Pete! Love the new site. Have fun exploring the blogging world.

  4. Thank you all! You guys are all truly inspirational! We appreciate your support!

  5. Congrats Mr.Pete's for taking a step into blogging!! Very anxious to see all the tasty concoctions you will be sharing. Good luck you you both on your new blogging venture!!

    Hun...What's for Dinner?

    1. Thank you Cindy! We appreciate the positive wishes! We just hope that we can keep up with all of our friends' great blogs!

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    1. Thank you so very much for that wonderful comment Jerry! We truly appreciate and recognize the need to produce positive and informative information for our followers. As a family-owned operation, we plan to continue to strive for personal experiences with our followers and ultimately our customers. Once again, thank you!