Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mr. Pete's Spiced Bloody Marys

We enjoy a Bloody Mary from time to time, but it's not too often we make them. So when we do, we like them fresh! Well, as we were browsing the grocery store trying to gather our ingredients for our Hot chicken wings, we came across an alcohol Christmas display. You know the gift packs that come out around this time each year? This rack was full of different liquors, including boxes of Vodka and Bloody Mary Mix. It is then, Mr. Pete said, "You know, it's been a while since we've had some good Bloody Marys. We should make them tonight for the LSU vs. Bama game." And so we did!

We made the round of the grocery store... again, adding all the ingredients we needed to create these refreshing drinks:

8 tomatoes
4 lemons
1 small bottle Worcestershire sauce
1 jar spiced beans
1 bunch celery stalks
1 bottle of your favorite Vodka (Ours is Absolute or Grey Goose!)
1 can Mr. Pete's Cajun Seasoning (Of course we already have a stock of this in our cabinet! And so, it was one less ingredient we needed to purchase. Man, this stuff can add flavor to almost everything!)


Place your tomatoes into a blender and puree. Once blended well, strain the mixture keeping only the liquids. Add two tablespoons fresh lemon juice. (Keep the lemons to add into your glasses at the end. There is still flavor in those tiny fruits!) Add 1 tablespoon of the Worcestershire sauce and another tablespoon of Mr. Pete's Cajun Seasoning to your mixture. Finally, add 6 ounces of your favorite Vodka. You can always add more if you prefer a stronger drink. Or you can eliminate the Vodka altogether to enjoy a virgin Bloody Mary.

Stir up the mixture well, and pour over a tall glass of ice. Garnish your drink with a couple of spiced beans, a lemon, and a stalk of celery. We also shake Mr. Pete's Cajun Seasoning at the top of the glass to give our drink that extra spice! There are many other garnishes you could also use such as olives, cherries, cherry tomatoes, carrots, parsley, and the list goes on and on. So how will you be enjoying your fresh Bloody Mary?

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