Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mr. Pete's Spin on the Traditional Shrimp Dip

I remember growing up as a child, the family gathering together at my grandparents' home, the kids laughing and playing, and the different aromas coming from the kitchen. All too often, the adults were busy preparing all of the dishes in the kitchen and us children were awaiting the serving bell to ring.

On many occasions, there were appetizers brought to the gathering to satisfy the family until dinner was served. This one appetizer always brings me back. Even back then, although I loved this dish trememdously, I would season the dip before dipping my first chip. Which brings me to the current period, where I have found just the right blend of spices to give this dip exactly what it had been missing!

First, you'll need to boil your shrimp. Instead of boiling shrimp for this one recipe, I always pick up the leftovers from a shrimp boil and freeze until I am ready to make one. However, if you are making this dip for a crowd, you can always double or even triple the recipe. Hence, you can boil some fresh shrimp for your guests.


1 lb. chopped, boiled shrimp
1 package cream cheese
1 cup mayonaise
1- 8 oz. can Pet milk
1 tblspn. Mr. Pete's Cajun Seasoning


Blend all ingredients, except seasoning, with fingers in a mixing bowl. Once you have mixed all ingredients well, sprinkle seasoning on top. Serve with your favorite chip or cracker!

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